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SSX Blur cast biographies


IGN has put up some cast biographies for EA's upcoming Wii installment in the SSX franchise in SSX: Blur. Instead of drumming interest in the game, it instead reads like a list of riders up for the possibility of being endorsed by Mountain Dew. Still though, the game should be fun as all previous installments in the series have been, so we're looking forward to its release come later this month.

We've embedded the information into the post past the break in the hopes of saving you from IGN's advertisements slow-loading pages.

Maya Nolet (New Character)

Vertical - 5'7"
Mass - 120 lbs
Nationality - Canadian
Stance - Goofy
Partner: Griff
Rival: Kaori


Thing in the World - Peace and Quiet
Thing to Hate - Corporate Domination
Other Sport - Mountain hiking
Trick - Hang 10 Backflip
SSX Event - Freeriding
Secret Spot - Mount Tremblant
Accessory - Tribal Feathers

Career Highlight - was accepted in the Circuit faster than anyone else before her.

Maya has joined the SSX Circuit after first seeing Mac training on Mount Tremblant. She is driven by passion and love of the outdoors. A very cheerful, loveable person, she irradiates peaceful energy and comfort.

Bio: A newcomer to the SSX Circuit, Maya's rich Inuit heritage has helped her find an inner-peace which allows her to pull off some seriously death-defying combos on the slopes that others would be afraid to even try!

Felix Lévesque (New Character)

Age - 19
Vertical - 5'8"
Mass - 150 lbs
Nationality - Canadian
Stance - Skier (Regular on Board)
Blood Type - B-
Partner: Skye
Rival: Elise


Thing in the World - Ladies
Thing to Hate - Indulgence
Other Sport - Fast-food eating
Trick - 720° Misty
SSX Event - Boardercross
Secret Spot - Back of his car
Food - Poutine
Accessory - Quebec Flag
Career Highlight - Outdoing Nate Logan in pre-season.

Felix is a fun-loving guy who has a weak-spot for the ladies. He likes to show-off, and does everything with an over-abundance of style and recklessness. He wears proudly the colors of the Quebec province, and carries with him the hopes of all French Canadians wishing to be recognized in the SSX Circuit.

Bio: A Montrealer new to the SSX Circuit, his father's business has allowed him to train on most of the highest mountains around the world. He's a world class competitor with a heart of gold, and a stomach full of poutine.

Allegra Sauvagess
Age - 18
Vertical - 5'5"
Mass - 115 lbs
Nationality - American
AKA - Big Al
Stance - Goofy
Partner: Psymon
Rival: Skye


Thing in the World - Boys
Thing to Hate - Boys
Other Sport - Skateboarding
Trick - Backside 360 Inverted
SSX Event - Slopestyle
Secret Spot - A chute is Chamonix, simply called 6
Food - Caffinated burritos
Accessory - Flying V Electric Guitar
Career Highlight - All of it

Elise Riggs
Age - 26
Vertical - 5'11"
Mass - 150 lbs
Nationality - Canadian
AKA - Bombshell
Stance - Goofy
Partner- JP
Rival- Felix


Thing in the World - Men
Thing to Hate - Flat places
Other Sport - Surfing
Trick - Frontside half-cab melon grab
SSX Event - Boardercross
Secret Spot - Smillie's Run, Whistler
Accessory - Leather jacket
Career Highlight - Every win

Griff Simmons
Age - 13
Vertical - 4'7"
Mass - 75 lbs
Nationality - American
AKA - Grommet
Stance - Regular
Partner - Maya
Rival - Zoe


Thing in the World - Videogames
Thing to Hate - Going to bed
Other Sport - Video game marathons
Trick - Sliding any and all rails
SSX Event - Slopestyle
Secret Spot - Rated "M" for Mature
Accessory - Astronaut helmet
Career Highlight - Winning a Gold in my first competition

Jean-Paul Arsenault
Age: 25
Blood Type: AB
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Nationality: French
Partner - Elise
Rival - Mac


Thing in the World - Winning
Thing to Hate - Losing
Other Sport: Wakeboarding
SSX Event: Slopestyle
Accessory: Picture of myself
Career Highlight: Beating people

Kaori Nishidake
Age - 19
Vertical - 5'0"
Mass - 105 lbs
Nationality - Japanese
AKA - Tricky Nishidake
Stance - Regular
Partner - Mac
Rival - Maya


Thing in the World - Manga
Thing to Hate - idiots
Other Sport - Shopping
Trick - Cab 900
SSX Event - Slopestyle
Secret Spot - Big Sky resort, Montana, it's so huge!
Accessory - Bear Backpack
Career Highlight - Beating Mac in a backcountry showdown

Mackenzie "Mac" Fraser
Age - 18
Vertical - 5'7"
Mass - 140 lbs
Nationality - American
AKA - Mac "Smack" Fraser
Stance - Regular
Partner - Kaori
Rival - JP


Thing in the world - grooving
Thing to Hate - Skiers in the Park
Other Sport - Skateboarding
Trick - Rail, switch nosepress to hello pop to switch backside lipslide
SSX Event - Super Pipe, Big Air
Secret Spot - Heidi's Playground
Accessory - MP3 player and headphones
Career Highlight - Every time I ride

Moby Jones
Age - 20
Vertical - 5'10"
Mass - 195 lbs
Nationality - British
AKA - Mr. Jones
Stance - Goofy
Partner - Zoe
Rival - Psymon


Thing in the World - Footy
Thing to Hate - Small talk
Other Sport - BMX
Trick - Frontside inverts on anything
SSX Event - Boardercross
Secret Spot - Short Squaw, Red Mountain, BC
Accessory - Downhill armor Career Highlight - A gold in all disciplines in one weekend

Psymon Stark
Age - 28
Vertical - 5'9"
Mass - 180 lbs
Nationality - Canuck
AKA - Sketchy Psymon
Stance - Goofy
Partner - Allegra
Rival - Moby


Thing in the World - Explosives
Thing to Hate - Cease-fire agreements
Other Sport - Mountain biking
Trick - Guillotine
SSX Event - Boardercross
Secret Spot - Wildman's Wingding
Accessory - Chainsaw
Career Highlight - Making a certain male competitor cry

Skye Simms
AGE - 18
MASS - 112lbs
NATIONALITY - Australian
AKA - Bean
STANCE - Skier
Partner - Felix
Rival - Allegra


Things in the World: Being outside
Thing to hate: Smoking
Other Sport: Surfing
SSX Event: Freeski
Accessory: Picture of my mom
Career Highlights: My first race

Zoe Payne
Age - 22
Vertical - 565"
Mass - 130 lbs
Nationality - American
AKA - Royal Payne
Stance - Regular
Blood Type - B NEG
Partner - Moby
Rival - Griff


Thing in the World - Cutting loose
Thing to Hate - Inline skaters
Other Sport - Mountain biking
Trick - Cab
SSX Event - Boardercross
Secret Spot - Refused to answer based on "It wouldn't be a secret then."
Accessory - Piercings
Career Highlight - Anytime I beat Elise

So anyone have a returning favorite?

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