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TeamCyclops announces DVD upgradability for CycloWiz modchip


Oh snap, now it's really on. Those WiiKey kids were so proud of themselves, with that DVD upgradability of theirs, but TeamCyclops just threw down with the announcement of the same functionality in its CycloWiz. Add that to the fact that the CycloWiz is already shipping (a couple more days left for WiiKey) and we can see potential Wii modders being plenty conflicted. At the moment, WiiKey is still the only chip with support for Wii imports of any sort, but we're figuring TeamCyclops isn't too far behind on that front. And Wiinja? Well, it remains to be seen if they have anything else up their sleeves, but at the moment it looks like they've got a lot of ground to cover.

[Thanks, Matt A]

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