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Thanks, FCC: Pantech's 3G C600 for Cingular

Chris Ziegler

The Feds are being unfairly stingy with the details on this one, but we'll say this much: when we see a UMTS 850 / 1900 radio getting put through its paces, we know it's pretty much gotta mean Cingular. Pantech is calling this thing the C600, but other than a boring posterior shot and the presence of the aforementioned 3G bands, we know depressingly little. From what we're seeing here, this could be a candybar, slider, or swivel, so if there's any definitively good news here, it's that Cingular's likely going to be adding an understocked form factor to its 3G ranks. Stay tuned, friends.

Update: Sadly, it turns out the C600 is a clamshell after all -- we missed a couple shots of the culprit buried in the always fascinating SAR (specifically absorbed radiation) report. Follow the break for the evidence! [Thanks, Eric]

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