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Xbox 360 sporting new 'super-quiet' internal DVD drives

The Xbox-Scene forums are abuzz with news that some newly built Xbox 360 consoles (manufactured November 2006 and up) are trading in their previously noisy (and we mean loud) DVD drives for the "super-quiet" BenQ VAD6038. But just cause it's quiet, doesn't mean it can't keep up with its two noisier predecessors; the new drive is reported to load "stuff a bit faster and smoother." Stuff, eh? Imagine it: this drive coupled with those smaller, cooler (and delayed) 65nm chips, maybe an HDMI port for good measure, and all of a sudden our old-model 360 (which is gonna need a clever nickname) will be looking less like the firstborn and more like a redheaded stepchild.

[Via Engadget]

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