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Real-life Halo suit up for sale on eBay


Less than a month after energetic Troy Hurtubise set out to attract a corporate buyer for his Halo-inspired "Trojan" suit, the man known for inventing the 'bear suit' is broke and turning to eBay. Hurtubise's full-body exoskeleton ballistic armor will apparently be sold to the highest bidder (currently $10,000) when the online auction closes February 15. Hurtubise allegedly spent $15,000 (all of his family's savings) and roughly 1,750 hours creating his most ambitious project to date.

The Trojan suit boasts such splendid pageantry as an ophthalmologist-approved helmet-mounted laser sight, wrist-mounted canister of ultra-mace (capable of downing 40 machete-clad "insurgents"), and crouch-mounted world clock. All this and more documented in the video below...

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