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RIM's Blackberry 8800c due Feb. 20th from Cingular

Brian White

Well, we've got it good on a rumor about the impending release of the RIM Blackberry 8800c in a few weeks, and the carrier who'll be pushing and shoving this baby out the door will be none other than Cingular. Are you waiting on that new Blackberry sportin' built-in GPS, microSD, advanced voice activation and a Pearl-like trackball instead of a scrollwheel? A launch party event on February 20th with RIM and Cingular tells us that an official launch is imminent, and the event may clear the air for once in the 8800c rumor mill. We're thinking GPRS and EDGE in this one...and UMA if rumors hold true (even for Cingular, but we're not holding our breath). One last thing to note though -- from initial images, this unit has the retro-smooth rectangle look we are really liking.

[Thanks, Sam K.]

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