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Universal poised to hop onto the Blu-ray bandwagon?

Ben Drawbaugh

Ever since Universal's non announcements at CES this year there has been speculation that Universal's days of HD DVD exclusivity are numbered. Sure they came out and announced 100 titles without dates for 2007, but many still wonder when they will be released. Ross Rubin from The NPD Group writes Switched On and has an interesting analysis of why he thinks Universal is poised to hop on the Blu-ray bandwagon faster than you can say TotalHD disc. While this is nothing more than speculation, he has a point -- Universal is going to have a tough time ignoring the recent sales figures and the shear number of Blu-ray players PS3s. While most HD DVD proponents believe that HD DVD movies will outsell Blu-ray and Disney and Fox will be forced switche sides, there is little doubt that if Universal started to make Total HD discs that there would be an end in sight.

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