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Apple's POD trademark app faces more opposition

Darren Murph

We're pretty sure Apple faces about as much legal heat as every other big time corporation out there, but ever since Cisco invited Apple (or vice-versa?) to a few rounds of throwdown, "Apple" and "trademark" just seem to go hand in hand. Apparently, the POD moniker that has caught so much flack over the years is facing a slew of additional opponents, who apparently think the oh-so-coveted three letter word fits better in its own name. PodFitness, Inc., Secure-It, Inc., Varsity Group Inc., TastyBytes Software, Inc., VNU Media Measurement & Information, Inc., and Line 6, Inc. (makers of the highly-regarded "POD" lineup of guitar effects processors) are all crying foul on Apple's notoriously tight grip, but considering that all the filings are still marked as "pending," we can only assume the war wages on. Nevertheless, some of the filings stretch back to 2004, and although most things like this have a way of simply "vanishing" over time, we're fairly certain the grumpy plaintiffs are (at least somewhat) enjoying that "instituted for proceeding" bit. So while opposition continues to flail helplessly as it tries to disarm the almighty POD from Steve and Co., we're still left wondering how everyone and their next of kin can prefix any product at all with "i" without raising a fuss.

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