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Beta Beat: Cha-Ching 0.5.1

Dan Lurie

Cha-Ching is a fantastic app, one of the very best out there for simply and elegantly managing your money on the Mac. I use it all the time! Erm... well, I would use it all the time, if I had any money to manage. No reason you can't enjoy manipulating your money with this great app though!

Version 0.5.1 brings mostly bug fixes, but bug fixes are important in beta apps, where a single bug sometimes mean a broken feature. Fixes include:

  • .Mac uploading issues.
  • Startup crash when iPod is connected.
  • Interface bugs.
  • QIF importing.
The developers are saying that 0.6 will include some big new features and larger updates, but aren't giving specifics.

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