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Death from above, or fun things to do with a flying mount


I got my flying mount at four in the morning, and I spent most of my WoW time the next day in instances, so I had to wait for last night to really have fun with it. I was tired of getting buzzed by Alliance and the jerks in my guild that got their epic flying mount immediately (see above picture). After doing a quick flight over Skettis and leveling my lockpicking to 350, I checked out some other interesting things you can do with a flying mount:

  • Go to Hellfire Peninsula and buzz the lower-level opposite faction by dive-bombing them from the sky, just to see them run away in fear. Bonus points for hovering directly over their head for five minutes.
  • Pick up two guildies and fly in formation like geese or fighter pilots. See how many random people join you.
  • Get a large raid to try to spell out words in the sky. I couldn't convince my guildmates to do this, but imagine what a much-disliked person from your faction will feel when you whisper him to "look up" and he sees your entire guild, on windriders, spelling out "DIE" ...
  • Claim one of the small, random, floating islands as your home. I chose a little place with a tree high above Garadar, for convenient city and river access. If you're feeling obnoxious, begin trying to sell real estate in general chat.
  • Look in odd places for herbalism and mining nodes. One herb, mana thistle, grows only in places you can reach by flying mount. Plus, it'll be a lot faster to find that Khorium you've been looking for if you can just drop down and grab it.
  • See how high you can survive a drop into one of the lakes in Nagrand.
  • Play chicken around the opposing faction's cities, since they now have flying guards. I did this and ended up on a mountaintop with around 23 health. Oops.

What fun things have you found to do with your flying mount? What are you looking forward to doing?

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