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Genius introduces the G-Note 7100 digital pad

Evan Blass

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Sometimes it's not really convenient and/or appropriate to lug around your Tablet PC everywhere you want to take digital notes, but the problem with regular old pen-and-paper-style notetaking is that you have to spend unnecessary time scanning in your scribbles later. That's where products like the new G-Note 7100 from Genius come in, a digital tablet that stores up to 100 pages of notes written with the pair of included pens -- but unlike similar devices such as the Aiptek MyNote, Cross Crosspads, or Logitech io series of pens which require a special surface or paper, this one lets you write on standard, everyday legal pads. Specs-wise you're getting a resolution of 2,000 LPI, 32MB of on-board memory, USB connectivity with XP and Vista PC's, and bundled handwriting recognition software. Available immediately, the 7100 retails for $160, which also includes batteries, backup pen tips, a starter notepad, USB cable, and a handsome, possibly-leather portfolio.

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