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MLB2K7 no-go on Wii, fans forced to wait for MLB2K8 (update 1)


Ben Brinkman for Major League Baseball 2K7 recently answered some questions through a blog entry at 1UP. While followers of the game had their questions answered, the grim details regarding an installment in the franchise for the 2007 season on the Wii were hard to swallow. Turns out, the game won't be present on the Wii this year, with the company taking the extra time to perfect controls for the game's 2008 installment.

For a baseball game, how many different gesture-based controls would you really need? Would it be that difficult to assign commands? Also, why not do what EA did with Madden 07 and just port the title over at a later date instead of abandoning the year's version altogether?

[Thanks Jonah!]

Update: Whoops, it's Ben Brinkman, not George Simmons.

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