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New at are you a completionist?


For 360 users, gamerscore is the ultimate metric. It's a quick, easily referenced and categorized example of what kind of gamer you are. At least, it used to be. Gamerscore is great as a generalization of your skills, but it doesn't tell a story. Introducing the completion leaderboard on Sure, you might have a high gamerscore, but how did you get it? Did you buy 10 games and complete them all, or did you rent 20 and only play them halfway? The completion leaderboard takes your gamerscore and multiplies it by your overall completion percentage. The result is an adjusted score that reflects your skill and your dedication (my adjusted score sits at a literarily relevant 1984). Think of it as the Gamerscore equivalent of the ever popular KPD (kills-per-death) ratio.

So, gamerscore kings could potentially be brought down to earth, giving a boost to more modest and persistent gamers. How does your gamerscore hold up when you run it through the completion ringer?

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