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Reader WoWspace of the Week: January 31 - February 6

Paul Sherrard

Reader Scott chimes in with a very interesting WoWspace this week:

He says:

:-) this is a nice idea, anyhow this was my wow space from aroudn March of last year, so I reckon it still counts. I played many an hour of Wow from this desk.
I worked for a protection company in Baghdad in the red zone, as their head of IT, so this was my personal space where I spelt and where I played when I could.

From Baghdad connecting to the EU servers wasn't really a problem, I often had better pings when there than when I accessed WoW in Germany.

My station was a Ferrari 3200 which wasn't that bad, and of course the web cam for skyping the wife each night. against the desk were the rifles we had to lug around with us, and the pistol as a personal side arm.

So keep sending in photos and words about your WoWspace. We'll post one a week in the order we get them, and remember to include plenty of description and let us know what you'd like to improve on. Send those in to "readerwowspace at gmail dot com" (replacing the at and dot, of course.)

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