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Ristretto coffee mouse brings the beans and the ugly

Darren Murph

Thankfully for us, the world's ugliest phone has already been faced and dealt with, and while we've seen quite a few unique mice in our day, this one practically roasts the compoetition for the most unsightly. The Ristretto coffee mouse is a minature critter designed for -- c'mon, you got this -- mousing about in your favorite beanery or java shop, and while we suppose you could view this as a symbol of your unwavering love for entirely overpriced cups of caffine and sugar, we doubt it'll score you any solid conversations outside of awkward Amway plugs. Still, these devices appear to be at least somewhat hand-crafted, as the designer has a bevy of custom desgined models for show, and while we've no idea where you could spend your hard-earned dough on this thing, this looks like a private DIY project at its finest at best.

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