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Sony's new gear for the A/V home integration market


Sony's got a whole slew of high-end home integration audio / video equipment at the International Builders Show this week, with hopes to grab some of those new construction dollars. Three new systems Sony is unveiling, the NHS-1030, 2030 and 3030 all include music storage and servers, while the 2030 and 3030 add in DVD management with 400-disc changers. The NHS systems also pack 7.1 surround sound and multi-room media distribution. At the top of the line, Sony's NHS-3030 can manage audio and video entertainment for up to 13 rooms, with a rack featuring an ES A/V receiver and six media sources, included that 400-disc changer, music storage and room for XM Radio, secondary DVD players and other HD or SD components. The 2030 and 1030 cater to six rooms each, and all of the systems can be browsed via TV, LCD touch panel remotes or wall controls. Sony also has its new NHS-330 with audio and video for three rooms and inputs. All of the systems include room for expansion, and Sony's packing along its new Standard and Platinum Sposato in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, a 1080p displays or projectors of your choice3, pre-programmed LCD remotes, in-wall remotes and all the wiring and setup comes with the estimated $10k-$50k installed price. With solutions such as Media Center Extender and Apple TV gaining acceptance, the days of extravagant home entertainment networks like this might be on the way out, but they clearly aren't dead yet.

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