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Today in Joystiq: February 8, 2007

Ross Miller

Hey look, it's a black Xbox 360 with Vladimir Cole's adorable kitten. Is this the ever-elusive new Xbox unit with 120GB HDD and HDMI output? Nope, it's just the test unit we got when the console launched in late 2005, and this picture is from the last time a black Xbox 360 was rumored to exist just five months ago. It doesn't completely refute this latest "Xbox 360 v2" rumor, but it does give some apprehension to the validity of these lates claims. Check out the highlights for today:

Def Jam: Icon demo ain't whats hot on the streets, playa
Japanese release day highlights: 02.08.07
Joystiq hands-on: Pirates of the Caribbean Online
Off the Grid reviews Pink Godzilla Dev Kit
Today's ?????????????????????-iest video: The Idolmaster

Pirates Online event recap: Sword-fighting
Xbox Live Arcade GM quits, joins PopCap
Guitar Hero rocks on Wii, maybe DS too
DC-area Madden pros heading to Hawaii
Shivering Isles adds 250 Gamerscore points to Oblivion
PSP firmware goes to 3.11, little urge to follow
Microsoft, MSN game devs to share in-game ad revenue
Bond-inspired spy MMO next from SOE, codenamed "Vista"
Sony exec breaks out big ideas in inaugural D.I.C.E. keynote
The Playstation ducks return in Super Rub'a'Dub
Square Enix confirms new MMO for Xbox 360 & Vista, maybe PS3
VR game helps addicts quit smoking
New York looking to clamp down on walk-and-play gamers
Buena Vista Games renamed Disney Interactive Studios
Sony Pictures producing Metal Gear Solid movie
Sony: 'Killzone won't be [at] GDC at all'
Lowenstein chastises 'cut-and-run' developers
Ubisoft to open CGI film studio in Quebec, partially funded by Canada
Perplex City: Receda Cube unearthed, Season 2 planned
Toyota selling new Scions for $1 in Second Life
Super Mario Bros. theme as played by a beatbox flutist

Holy crap: Minesweeper Expert in 38 seconds
Unlicensed, unreleased, un-bad NES game unearthed
Wil Wheaton on the death of the arcade
Super Mario Bros. theme as played by a beatbox flutist

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