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CNET's Prizefight 360 vs PS3, and we object!

Dustin Burg

It's time for one of CNET's Prizefights, where they pit competing electronic products against eachother in hopes of declaring one the superior. Their most recent Prizefight has the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 dueling it out for console supremacy, but before you get too excited they haven't crowned a winner yet. It looks like they are splitting this Prizefight into multiple episodes and this is only part one. And wait one second, now that we think of it we're less than impressed by CNET's little Prizefight and how they are awarding points. So far the PS3 is beating the 360, this can't be right ... let the flaming begin!

[Thanks, Darrien]

First, they awarded points for the design category which is pretty straightforward enough, because we all know the 360 is much sexier than that bulky black mirror. But according to CNET the PS3 outstyled the 360 calling it "dark and dangerous and curved like a stealth alien ship that's come to destroy our planet" ... no, we can't make this stuff up. We aren't even going to discuss this one, we'll just grit our teeth and move on.

With the superficial design category out of the way we can move onto the features and of course the 360 excels again, or so we thought. CNET awarded the PS3 maximum points for including more USB ports, media reader capabilities, and forcing a HD format down consumers throats. We guess all those features are nice, that is if you want to pay an extra $200. The 360's UI, online feature set, and upgradable options (like the HD-DVD drive) makes it much more consumer friendly. We turn our heads in disgust CNET, don't you get it?

So that's it so far, the Xbox 360 is trailing with 8 points and the Playstation 3 is holding strong with 10 points after two categories. We have yet to see who ends up victorious in this Prizefight, but do you agree with CNET's points breakdown? We totally understand that the 360 doesn't include as many ports, lacks built-in wireless, and has a power brick the size of a shoe box, but awarding the PS3 a perfect 10 ... it seems a little fishy to us. Just remember CNET, we're keeping our eyes on you ...

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