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LocoRoco sequel outed? Not quite


Unless he's got a parade of man-servants lugging around a PlayStation 3, 1080p display, and generator to power the two, then Phil Harrison's been spending his time traveling from session to session at D.I.C.E. with a LocoRoco sequel on a decidedly smaller platform. PSP? Nope, mobile. According to IGN, Harrison said he'd been playing "LocoRoco's next version on the way" over to a Q&A with the gaming site.

Sure, it could be that Harrison let slip the near-complete condition of a presupposed PSP sequel, but he's got more business savvy than that. Besides, IGN was asking him what he'd been playing on other platforms, ruling out PSP and PS3; not that more LocoRoco isn't headed to those formats. In December, Harrison confirmed that multiple LocoRoco games were in development, indicating that a PSP sequel is likely underway. That some of those cuddly blobs will be bounding onto the PS3 store seems like a no-brainer too.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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