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Silence PT2 rocks three wheels, all electric powertrain

Darren Murph

Getting word of a new electric car hitting the pavement is (thankfully) becoming quite common these days, but crafting a vehicle that's made it a few steps beyond the easel is certainly noteworthy. Silence, Inc., a mash-up of Canada's EBW and T-Rex, has set out to "design and build high-performance electric vehicles," and the company's first attempt looks to be a winner. The three-wheeled PT2 certainly has a flair for the dramatic, as its metallic paint, vivid interior, and overall dashing good looks make it a sight for sore eyes in the fully electric vehicle department, and as if that weren't good enough, this bad boy can reportedly cruise 125 to 250 miles on a single charge, hitting speeds "around 125-miles per hour" along the way. Silence states that its PT2 will be "available for ordering" sometime this Spring, but folks with enough interest (and the spare loot to back it up) can hit them up right now to get on the short list, and for those already glancing away to save yourself the pain from viewing the pricetag, remain focused -- this hotrod will only run you around $50,000CDN, or just over 42 large here in the US. Be sure to head on over to AutoblogGreen for a sweet high-resolution gallery.

[Via AutoblogGreen]

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