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Tulip's Love Edition Ego gets ready for Valentine's Day

Darren Murph

Yep, love is in the air folks, or that could be the smell of thousands of dollars burning a hole in your pocket. Either way, Tulip is offering up yet another completely extravagant carry-case laptop, but the Love Edition is unsurprisingly tailored specifically for next Wednesday. The curvaceous machine boasts a svelte leather wrapped enclosure, a stitched heart in the middle, a presumably pricey bow and pendent, and comes in a variety of lovely (ahem) colors to boot. Interestingly, no specifications at all are to be found, leaving us to assume that someone loaded enough to actually take interest in this piece are more interested in external pizzazz than internal ability. Moreover, we've got no pricing information whatsoever, but if this one's anything like the other Egos, you should probably be prepared to cough up quite a few bills to snag this. Click on through for a few more glamour shots.

[Via Sybarites]

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