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Directed Electronics intros HD Radio add-on for car stereos


Directed Electronics looks to be doing its best to help out the HD Radio Alliance in its big-budget efforts to raise awareness of the fledgling HD Radio standard, introducing the DMHD-1000 HD Radio add-on unit to bring those digital broadcasts to existing car stereos. Unlike previous HD Radio add-on devices from the likes of Kenwood and Alpline, Directed Electronics' unit will work with any old car radio, using either the built-in FM modulator or RCA output, with a separate control panel catering to your station selecting needs, displaying the relevant information on its "multi-line" backlit display. While it is an add-on, the device unfortunately costs about as much as most are likely willing to pay for a standalone radio, setting you back an even $200. If that's not too much for you, you should be able to get your hands on one now.

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