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Omnifone announces MusicStation: unlimited mobile tunes, one price

Chris Ziegler

UK-based Omnifone is using 3GSM today as the backdrop to announce its intriguing "MusicStation" service, promising an all-you-can-eat serving of music delivered over the air to handsets for £1.99 (about $3.88) a week -- about 8 quid a month, if our math's right. According to the company itself, Omnifone's goal is to get its service onto customer's handsets ahead of the iPhone's European launch at the end of the year, and if we have a good read on how well the iPhone's going to sell, we think that's a pretty good plan on its part. The first two operators to sign up for a MusicStation launch (of an alleged 23 in total) are Scandinavian carrier Telenor and South Africa's Vodacom, with several more European launches plan over the course of the year. The music selection may not be half bad, either, with a number of independent labels signed up alongside Universal. Music can be kept as long as the user maintains service, though the downside -- as with every other all-you-can-eat download service -- is that the tunes evaporate into thin air just as soon as it's canceled. All told, not a bad alternative to the offerings we've seen from carriers Statside so far, and with 23 operators apparently on the hook, we have to believe (read: hope) one or two might be on American soil.

[Via MocoNews]

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