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Samsung shows off Mobile WiMAX wares at 3GSM


Sprint has apparently gotten a few of its disparate Mobile WiMax partners to play nice with each other at least for a little while, with Samsung, Intel, Motorola, and Nokia all sharing a booth at this week's 3GSM conference to help spread the WiMax word. For its part, Samsung has trotted out three WiMax-ready devices, including two handsets we've seen before and a new USB dongle to bring some of that wireless broadband goodness to your laptop (or desktop, if you choose). Likely to attract the most attention is the company's SPH-P9000 "UMPC-like" device, running on Windows XP and packing a 5-inch display, 1GHz Transmeta CPU, 30GB hard drive, a foldable QWERTY keyboard and, of course, those integrated Mobile WiMax capabilities, with some good 'ol EV-DO to back it up. The also-on-display SPH-M8100 wraps that Mobile WiMax into a more traditional form factor, running on Windows Mobile 5.0 and packing a 2.8-inch display, 2 megapixel camera, and T-DMB mobile TV capabilities. Rounding out the WiMax lineup, Samsung's USB dongle is about as straightforward as you'd expect it to be, with a UICC slot to accommodate your phone's SIM card and a handy LED to let you know that it's working. Mac users are apparently out of luck with this one, however, as it's strictly Windows-only for the time being. In addition to showing off its wares, Samsung also confirmed that it's currently conducting seven Mobile WiMax trials with various partners, with more planned for later this year, though there's no indication exactly when or where.

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