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Sonos goes totally wireless with Digital Plumbers' Free Speakers

Ryan Block, @ryan

With the Sonos ZP80 so cheap n' easy, you'd figure they'd be popping up everywhere around the house -- now even apparently inside your speakers. Digital Plumbers' new Free Speakers (not as in speech or beer, but as in cables) come with a ZP80 built into each free-standing unit, so one only needs to plug in the power to get mesh-networked Sonos audio around the house. We're not sure how they do stereo separation, but for those considering the option, do realize Digital Plubmers doesn't just want to sell the speakers: they want to rip your CD collection, put it in a NAS box (encoded losslessly, of course), and send you two Free Speakers and Sonos controller for about seven large. We'll let you know if they loosen up and and start vending those supposedly rather sweet sounding speakers by their lonesome.

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