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The only group that can down Magtheridon is Blizzard


Just a little Magtheridon server joke. The instance servers kept crashing on Sunday, and eventually they had to restart the whole realm. But in all seriousness, the always inquisitive Ghostwalka asks on the WoW Forums why no one has talked about fighting the boss Magtheridon yet. Magtheridon is a 25-man boss fight that doesn't require complicated keying -- you just walk to the back of the Hellfire Citadel and stroll on in. So why has all the focus been on the recently-downed Gruul and Karazhan, but not Magtheridon?

Ravel of Death and Taxes, one of the few guilds to try Magtheridon, said that the answer's pretty simple -- "We fought Magtheridon. And then he killed us. And then we fought him again, and he killed us again. And then we said @@%! that." Magtheridon is either too gear-dependent or too untuned to be defeated now. Death and Taxes is concentrating on Serpentshrine Cavern, where they've apparently begun fighting through the four bosses before Lady Vashj. Other commentators referred to Magtheridon as "quite intimidating" and "a hell of a fight." But since Magtheridon is a one-boss encounter like Onyxia, I'm guessing we'll start to see attempts on him in the next few weeks.

Has your guild tried any of the 25-man bosses? How is the raid game looking on your server?

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