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Tyukalov's Titan mostly-metal USB flash drive

Ryan Block, @ryan

We thought titanium was totally out when aluminum burst onto the scene with 2003's 12 and 17-inch line of PowerBooks, but we'll give a pass on Tyukalov's new Titan, their fantastically frivolous transition metal-coated USB drive. (Don't worry AU fans, it's internally constructed with a graphite / aluminum composite.) You know you're dealing with a quality flash drive when its makers boast of the device's anti-vibration capabilities, but apparently the Titan is static, shock, and water resistant, as well, should you find your drive in a lightning-filled washing machine. Plus, knowing it could withstand a crushing force of one ton does leave us hopeful that the next time we decide to accidentally dump our pockets' contents into a meat grinder, perhaps our $200 (1GB) or $250 (2GB) investment -- and data -- could come out safe and sound. Only one hundred of these are apparently being manufactured, so it's likely by the time you read this it'll be too late for you to own one of your own.

[Via Crave]

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