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You want Piano Hero on your Mac?


It's a sad fact that despite an ever-growing list of compatible goodies for the Mac, there are still some holdouts. I know there is often some hack for interfacing that wonky 90's-era plotter (thank you UNIX underpinnings), but there are a lot of apps out there we'd love to see native on the Mac, Parallels/Boot Camp/VMWare be danged. 3ds max and AutoCAD come to mind... And in the niche arena we've got Piano Hero. You can maybe guess what it does, but it's essentially Guitar Hero for a keyboard, without all the fancy graphics and immersing gameplay.

Now if you want a Mac version you'll have to help the developer buy a Mac to port the thing over. So far he's none too close to the over $700 he needs, but once he's got his mitts on a real-live Mac mini he promises a port within two months. After using everything from the Miracle Piano to the new Fisher-Price "I Can Play" piano, maybe this is worth a shot...

Thanks, Timm.

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