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Kodak envisions edible RFID tags for medical purposes, light snacks

Darren Murph

If you're not down with wearing, handling, or implanting RFID chips on (or in) human beings, we presume you're fairly skeptical about consuming one. A recent patent application filed by Kodak envisions an edible RFID wafer that would ideally be used to monitor various aspects of a patient's health. The digestible tag would be covered in a substance that would slow the dissolving process enough to view certain aspects of one's innards, and furthermore, these tags could be surgically implanted into knees and joints in order to alert doctors when additional work should be performed. The tags could even be integrated into medicines in order to more accurately witness whether a rebellious patient has indeed swallowed his or her pills. So before you cry foul on voluntarily ingesting a (hopefully) dissolving RFID tag, just think of all the medical breakthroughs this could lead to -- or how traceable you'd eternally be if your gastric acid is weaker than usual.

[Via NewScientistTech, thanks Matt]

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