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Meizu M8 / miniOne closer to production, litigation


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Last we saw Meizu's curiously familiar M8 handheld device, it was looking like it still had a long ways to go before we'd actually see one out in the wild. As these latest tantalizing shots show, however, the device seems to be rapidly winding its way into reality whether Apple likes it or not, also picking up a new name in the process: the miniOne. Although if that one sticks, Meizu could well be facing problems of originality on multiple fronts, as the admittedly-catchy name is already in use by another company and presumably trademarked. C'mon Meizu, we know you're fans of Apple, but this is taking the imitation a little too far. Unfortunately, there's no further word on specs for the device, though you can get a couple more good looks at it after the break.

[Via Meizu Me]

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