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Palm releases new GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition

Brian White

The rumors of the Palm OS -- err, ACCESS Garnet -- going away in some shape or form hasn't been lost on Palm yet (the software company), as Palm has released -- after the rumor flames were started -- a new GPS Navigator SmartPhone Edition piece of software for almost all recent Palm-powered and Windows Mobile-powered Treo smartphones. And the list includes the Treo 650, 680, 700p, 700w, 700wx and 750 -- all but the older 600 model it seems. Palm's spiffy new GPS Navigator SmartPhone Edition 3 package comes with TomTom's Navigator 6 software that includes support for the newer 750 as well as the 700-series and the 650-series. Also with the package comes a 1GB miniSD card with adapter and a USB SD adapter -- and of course the obligatory Bluetooth GPS receiver. And, previous GPS Navigator fans will be glad to know that a new cradle is included -- it's smaller and specifically designed for the Treo form factor.

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