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Raytheon live-demos DART-T Troposcatter communications

Ryan Block, @ryan

Yeah, we know it sounded kind of boring up in the title, but we have to admit we're a little intrigued by Raytheon's Marine field-test demo, which apparently proved the use of its DART-T Troposcatter atmospheric communications system. Bouncing signals off the troposphere, the DART-T achieved uninterrupted 20Mbps voice, video and data connections to another DART-T point. Certainly not tech civilians will be using any time in the forseeable future, but should space dust or a rogue enemy-state knock out some satellites, at least some kind of backup plan is in place for the military. In other words, us GPS-using, HDTV watching, bandwidth gobbling end-users will likely be left to fend for ourselves.

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