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Sex in the Undercity: A guide to finding love in Azeroth

Mike Schramm

The Valentine's Day event started last week. Love, exciting and new, is in the air in Azeroth, and I sent my undead rogue, Punishment of Thunderhorn, to go looking for love in all the wrong places. He didn't exactly make time with Sylvanas Windrunner (she's such a banshee), but he was able to form a real odd couple.

You can see his journey in the Gallery below, and get a firsthand look at just how love works in Azeroth. The event ends Thursday, so go through the guide below to see the ins and outs of finding your soulmate (or mates, as the case may be), and then get to it! Love is in the air!

Gallery: Sex in the Undercity | 12 Photos

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