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Stealth update brings random polls to your Wii


Imagine our surprise when we checked the fanboy e-mail only to find a flood of new mails referencing a new Wii channel. Huh? There we were, fresh from DS Fanboy's Game Night, and suddenly our Wii had new goodies. Now that's random. But we're not complaining.

The new channel, available via download through the Shop Channel, is the Everybody Votes Channel. It's just as simple as the title -- you register Miis and they (or rather, their owners) vote in various polls. The questions are simple, everyday things (like: which is more romantic for Valentine's Day: Roses or Chocolate?) and you can then compare your answers with other Wii users. Definitely neat, but maybe not what a lot of us had in mind for new channels.

What's odd about the release is that we hadn't seen a press release or an update view the official Wii site, and yet here it is, happily downloading to our Wii. So how long do you think it'll be before someone makes a joke about "poll smoking" and the Wii? Or did we just fulfill it by asking?

[Images from GoNintendo -- ours is still downloading! Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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