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BBC show tackles 'clapped-out old banger' Xbox 360


The BBC's show Watchdog premiered an episode last night focusing on the "clapped-out old banger" known as the Xbox 360. The main subject of the piece was Alex Ainsow. After the warranty ran out on his Xbox 360 he says it wouldn't stop crashing. He paid £85 ($166 USD) to have it repaired and then his refurbished Xbox 360 lasted three days.

The show concludes with Microsoft offering Ainsow a new system and some games to shut up. According to the BBC, Microsoft says most people with an Xbox 360 have an outstanding experience, and there's no system issue. The show says that they've received 248 complaints about the Xbox 360 and are receiving more as the system goes out of warranty.

After the break we have the last part in the epic YouTube saga of Rob, who was contacted by Watchdog, and his one two defective Xbox 360s.

The following video is what happens when you type in "Watchdog" and "Xbox 360" into YouTube. We thought there might be a chance the Watchdog segment was uploaded. This video was made on Dec. 1, 2006. It's apparently the last chapter in the epic tale of Rob and his defective Xbox 360. This segment takes place after he was contacted by the BBC show Watchdog. Perhaps one of our readers across the pond can confirm whether he was on the show this evening.

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