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Help bring Gyakutan Saiban 3 to America

Jason Wishnov

We recently beat Phoenix Wright 2: Justice For All, and were astounded with the absolute brilliance of the climactic final case. In truth, though, it isn't the final case at all: the Gyakutan Saiban trilogy (which is, of course, localized as Phoenix Wright) has had three installments and going on a fourth. Capcom hasn't yet quite decided whether or not to bring the third chapter to America, but we can help.

Of course, our greatest asset in this fight is the almighty dollar ... if Capcom makes a profit on these games, they'll keep bringing them over. However, a recent post in the official boards over at Capcom have introduced a contest entitled "Plead Your Case". Using the given comic and speech bubbles, it's your job to convince Capcom to bring over GS3 with wit, spunk, and any and all forms of blackmail at your disposal.

This isn't an "informational" news post. This is a demand, in which we essentially force you to engage in said contest. We must have this game. We must. If we don't, we'll explode, and then we can't write anymore! You don't want that ... do you?

[Thanks, Jon C.!]

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