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PlayStation 3 pre-orders are breaking records in Europe

Nick Doerr

Opening with a quote sounds appropriate: "It's the hottest gaming system since the PS2 launched in 2000 - demand will outstrip supply." That's coming from Woolworths head of games, Gerry Berkley. Woolworths is a UK store and that quote should tell you that the PS3 is going to hit Europe and hit it hard. How hard? Well, the estimate is that a PlayStation 3 pre-order is filed every twenty seconds for the past week. If you do the math, Woolworth is facing 3 per minute x 60 minutes in an hour x 24 hours in a day x 7 days per week in pre-orders... sorry for the messy numbers, but it comes out to 30,240 pre-orders!

Don't get us wrong -- we know it's a random guesstimation on Woolworths part and couldn't possibly be completely accurate. But if it were, that's the best case (or worst case, depending) scenario Sony and all the European gamers could hope for. A single chain of stores taking in 30,000 pre-orders is nothing to scoff at. Well, enjoy breaking records while you can, PlayStation 3, because you can only break pre-order records before the system is released.

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