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Reader WoWspace of the Week: February 7 - 13

Paul Sherrard

Now here's a desk more of you may understand and appreciate.

Hermandous of Kel'thuzad writes:

Here's a break down of my desk... slightly more cluttered than yours. Good article – I like seeing where all the gaming happens! Hope it gets posted, somewheres ;)

So let's run down what we see in the image:

  • BioFreeze for Carpal Tunnel - this is new to me? Where do I get it?
  • Beer for Molten Core - as long as you're having a pantsless raid, may as well add beer!
  • Widescreen Gaming Screen - widescreen non-gaming screens not allowed
  • JoyStick with Force Feedback - I'd agree with the flying mounts comment if I had one *cry*
  • Dust Removal Clothes - I'm pretty sure this should be cloths, but maybe the room gets REALLY dusty
  • PSP for enduring login queues - YAY!! Another PSP-user for long flights and logins
  • Smell Reduction Stick - From the WoWspace to the dance club!
  • Thottbot/Work Screen - I like that Thottbot comes first
  • Elder Scrolls Oblivion - I never played it, but I heard it's like an MMORPG without the M, the M, or the O
  • Vent Headset and Mic - essential. Anyone else having a rough time finding the perfect headset?
  • BIG DESK - walk softly?
  • Scotch Glass for BWL - I like that MC needs beer, but BWL requires hard liquor
  • Chapstick and Halls - umm.. you get chapped lips and a sore throat from too much WoW?
  • A Nostromo *AND* a G15 - okay, I have these too, but didn't think to hook them BOTH up!
  • Logitech Mouse - nice weapon of choice, sir
  • Custom Rig: 2x for everything! That sucker must go! Does the dual video card make a difference?

So there you have it! Another awesome WoWspace, fully labeled for your appreciation. Tell us what you think, and remember to send in your WoWspaces to

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