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Sharp's 5 AQUOS HD recorders with up to 1TB and counting


Oh, and speaking of Sharp recorders, we've got five more from the AQUOS series hitting today. The most interesting beast of the bunch is the ¥200,000 ($1,650) DV-ACW60 (pictured) packing a 1TB hard disk; dual digital and analog HD tuners; HDMI, Japanese D4, S-Video, composite video outputs; 2x analog, 1x optical, and 1x coaxial audio outputs. A couple of Firewire ports let the AQUOS recorders get friendly with your DV camera or say Sharp's new AQUOS BD-HP1 Blu-ray recorder for high-speed dubbing to Blu-ray Disc. It also brings a couple of USB jacks to play host to devices like cameras or audio players to extract media without the need of a PC -- presumably, you can sling more disk off USB as well. Hell, they've even thrown in some new IrSS high-speed infrared communications to move pictures off your like-equipped cellphone on the quick. The line-up of recorders also come in a ¥140,000 ($1,155) 500GB DV-ACW55 model (or ¥110,000 ($908) DV-AC55 with a single tuner) and ¥110,000 ($908) 250GB DV-ACW52 model (or ¥90,000 ($743) DV-AC52 with a single tuner). Look for these starting February 20th in Japan.

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