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Mama Said Knock You Out iPod speakers are jingling, baby

Darren Murph

This definitely isn't the first time Apple's gem has been integrated into gizmos of the past, but the Mama Said Knock You Out speakers boast a retro vibe that spans all the way from the moniker to the fabric selection. Potentially able to become the perfect audio companion to your plaid-infused Lupus Sabene alarm clock, the MSKYO speaker set rolls in on dual trolleys in case you really are too feeble to toss 'em up over your shoulders, a full-range driver in each cabinet, and a reported ability to play nice with your iPod. Other details concerning RMS, aux input capabilities, or an optional eight-track player are scant, but if you're the world's biggest only remaining LL Cool J fan, and don't have the means to wrap a few DJ speakers in thrift store cloth yourself, be sure to hit up Claassen & Partner for pricing information.

[Via ShinyShiny]

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