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OpenMoko details its open-source phone

Chris Ziegler

We're always up for a good open-source project with all the right intentions, and OpenMoko has to stand near the top of that list. After all, what could possibly be better (read: geekier) than open-source phone platforms? Well, turns out we have the answer: an open-source phone, that's what. OpenMoko has published a full spread of details on its "Neo1973" GSM touchscreen device running... well, OpenMoko, of course. Features include 64MB of Flash, 128MB of RAM, Bluetooth, AGPS (Assisted GPS), microSD expansion, GPRS data, and the aforementioned touch sensitive VGA display. If these folks manage to slip a 3G radio in there, we might just have to blow the dust off those soldiering irons and get to work.

[Via MAKE Blog]

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