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Stand out with Evesham's speakerful TV stand

Erik Hanson

Why settle for the measly two speakers built into that LED 120hz LCD when you can grab the new Evesham TV stand with nine? The Sound Stage X1 jump starts your surround sound with a subwoofer, two center-channel speakers, four front speakers, and finishes off with two more for the rear surrounds. The speaker orientation uses the acoustic properties of the room to bounce sound off of the rear and side walls, so it works best in a square-shaped room, but it should be a good alternative to stringing wires under the carpet or through the attic. The stand will match many of the new piano-black reflective finishes in today's flat-panel screens, and retails for £300. Now if we could just get them to do something about the TV stand with built-in drink holders...

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