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Alliance learns to hate Paladins too

Mike Schramm

Halecusis posted a story on the forums yesterday that sounded like music to my ears. He didn't say anything new, really: he said that fighting a Paladin was annoying as get out in AV. Just when you think they're done, they pop that stupid shield, spam Flash of Light, and if reinforcements show up, it's all over. But what's new (and completely tasty) about his story is who it's coming from: Halecusis is a human Paladin. And he's writing about a Blood Elf Paladin.

Ah, sweet revenge. Finally, you Alliance types will learn to curse those smarmy, tacky, and overdone Pally animations. In fact, this may bring the World closer together-- Horde or Alliance, we can all learn to hate Paladins like the annoying plate-wearing healers they are. Of course, Shammies are on both sides now as well, but those totems, while annoying, don't seem to inspire as much hate as that flashy Light stuff does.

And I wonder how having all the classes on both sides is changing battlegrounds as a whole. I haven't spent a lot of time in battlegrounds since the expansion hit (I'm trying to find time to get my Shammy up to 70), so I wonder how things are going. During the little time I spent in Eye of the Storm 61-69, Horde seemed to be wiping the floor with Ally, but in my experience on Thunderhorn, Horde wins at lower levels while Alliance always wins at the top levels, because with a higher realm population, more of them can get into the endgame and gear up well. But maybe Paladins had a bigger impact than I thought-- will even classes on both sides make for more Horde wins at 70? Your input on this is welcome below.

At any rate, it's been a long time coming, but I'm glad to see that Alliance is getting a taste of what we've been dealing with for so long. Paladins aren't by any means unbeatable-- wait for that shield's cooldown, then kite them around with a liberal dose of mana burning and/or spell interruption-- but they are really, really annoying.

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