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YABI - Yet Another Birthday Importer updates with new UI, multiple alarms

David Chartier

YABI, as we've mentioned before, fills the void left by iCal's lackluster Address Book import of birthdays by offering far more flexibility and power. YABI can create a custom calendar for birthdays and anniversaries, display a person's age in the event alarm title, select only specific contacts to import events for and - drum roll please - create alarms for these events. What's even better is that Ferruccio, YABI's developer, has updated this already handy little utility with some great new features:
  • New, very updated Unified UI that brings YABI in line with Tiger and possibly Leopard
  • A built-in self-updating mechanism thanks to Andy Mutaschak's Sparkle (on a side note: you're probably seeing a lot of 3rd party apps adopt this slick feature)
  • Support for multiple alarms
  • and more!
This is a great utility for anyone who, like me, needs a little more help than iCal provides with keeping track of the important dates in their lives. YABI seems to be freeware since I can't find any donation links at Ferruccio's site.

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