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Ask WoW Insider: What makes a WoW hero?

Barb Dybwad

Today's Ask WoW Insider brings us a philosophical question to ponder and stroke our beards over (should you play a male avatar, or perhaps a dwarf female). Jesper, editor of Outland Post, wonders what it takes to become a real hero within the WoW community:

I am currently writing about the possibilities of becoming a hero within the WoW community, both IC and OOC. With anti-heroes like Leeroy Jenkins in mind, I am discussing on my realm forum and let players post comments about this topic. Have you guys written anything about this that I might be able to read?
Yes, you can become a hero in-game by completing certain quests or downing certain bosses, but what special achievements, attitudes, or accomplishments make one respected on one's realm or in the WoW community at large? What are your thoughts?

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