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Canon HV50 HD camcorder spotted?

Ryan Block , @ryan

What's this you say? A followup to Canon's HV20 digital camera that isn't even out yet here in the US? This supposed HV50 ups the ante on the HV20 by supposedly having a three-CMOS sensors for 1080p (and 720p) video, 18x zoom (over 10x), and 5 megapixel still images. Slow down there, cowboy, we need that first model launched before we can start worrying about the next, ok?

Update: Consensus is... it's a fake. A good one, but as noted in various forums, the focal length stamped on the lens is 6.1-61mm, which isn't 18x, it's 10x like the HV20. Conveniently obscured in the picture above, but visible in others. Thanks for playing!

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