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i-mate's 7150 QWERTY behemoth live and in person


You already knew the basics: Windows Mobile 6, VGA screen, tri-band 3G (3.6Mbps HSPDA on this one), but we've got a bit more to go on now with i-mate's flip-n-fold Ultimate 7150, not the least of which are pics from all angles. We can't say it looks quite as good in real life as it did in those PR renders the other day, but what ever does? Still, we're willing to forgive plenty with this little guy, with frills like a secondary embedded OLED display on the 7150's shell, a 520MHz Intel processor, and 0.7-inch thick form factor. The 3.8-inch screen of course never did anyone wrong, and it appears i-mate managed to squeeze in WiFi as well. Check after the break for that sexy integrated display, or hit the read link for the full collection.

[Thanks, ZSX]

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