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Metroid Prime 3 delayed until later this year?

Blake Snow

MTV News spoke with Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime last week at DICE to discuss Wii shortages, production increases, and specific game releases. Having all but said, "Read my lips, no more Nintendo droughts," in the past stating an "early 2007" release of Metroid Prime 3 on Wii, the gaming exec was less committal this time around.

Regarding first-party heavyweights, Fils-Aime said, "They're coming. But we're being very strategic when we're going to launch them. And we're making sure our licensees enjoy success on their titles and that the spacing makes sense." Okay. Let's keep hope alive. He continued, "[Gamers] need to recognize that when we release [Metroid Prime 3], it will be perfect. And if that's a little later than folks would have liked, I'm hoping they're going to be happy." Uh oh. That's sounds like code for "this bad boy ain't coming out for a while."

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