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Sprint bailing on VUE, MediaFLO?

Chris Ziegler

Just days after AT&T announced it had selected Qualcomm's MediaFLO to power its upcoming mobile TV network, it sounds like Sprint's moving in quite the opposite direction. Despite a promising (or promising sounding, anyway) trial last fall -- heck, they even had the "VUE" name picked out -- the company is shelving any immediate plans to move forward with a MediaFLO-based service of its own. Though we're always sad to see a promising new tech get pushed back, a part of us is reveling in the fact that Qualcomm might yet fail to secure a lock on the American mobile TV market in the face of its biggest competitor -- DVB-H -- and its stateside backers, Modeo and Hiwire. So for the meanwhile, it sounds like Sprint joins the ranks of T-Mobile in the "watch Lost while you're driving" department: all trial, no action. Does Verizon stand to gain from the chaos?

[Via MocoNews]

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