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Tekken 6 unveiled at AOU 2007


Namco has unveiled the arcade version of Tekken 6 at Japan's AOU 2007 coin-op exhibition, along with a new website. The new page features a brief trailer of the new fighter, several screenshots (available below for your convenience) and wallpaper of the two new characters: Leo and Zafina.

It's difficult to comb much information from the trailer concerning the newcomers to the series, but from the looks of it, Namco is set to challenge the throne of Itagaki when it comes to underage heartthrobs with Leo. Zafina, on the other hand, is a Latina woman of the mature persuasion who looks to possess a highly unorthodox fighting style. Joining them thus far are old favorites Asuka, Jack, Brian Fury, King and Dragunov, though the cast will naturally swell as time goes on.

Though it is quite early (and due for a 2007 release, according to the trailer), Tekken 6 appears to be around the same level of visual quality as last years Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. While one can argue that even Tekken 5 wasn't a graphical leap beyond Tekken 4, we're keeping our fingers crossed for some serious upgrades.

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